Why is Anavar so popular, is it because it promotes lean muscle gains without gyno?

Why bodybuilders prefer the steroid Anavar

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is an extremely popular steroid with mildly anabolic and androgenic properties, reduced toxicity and relatively gentle effect on the HPTA.


Anavar is comparatively mild on the liver, for a steroid. In fact, it’s one of the mildest orally administered steroids on the market. It’s tolerated easily by the human body and it lacks many of the common side-effects that similarly effective steroids might have. These are the virtues most female bodybuilders and athletes look for in their supplements and they constitute the main reasons that Anavar is a favourite with the ladies.

Oxan Anavar by SB labs

Perhaps the greatest incentive for lady bodybuilders to take Anavar is that while it improves strength and it sculpts the body, it doesn’t promote serious weight gain and bulkiness. As opposed to water-retentive steroids, which wrap you up in extra weight that will be shed in masses as soon as cessation starts.

Anavar promotes a much leaner, more progressive build-up and body mass loss. With less water retention to account for the extra weight, Anavar users will find that they simply don’t have to put up with mid-cycle weight fluctuations.

Oxandrolone is lighter on the Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary Axis (HPTA) than its stronger rivals. It doesn’t aromatise like testosterone or deca, and it doesn’t affect the HPTA to such a degree. This means you wont get any gyno problems with it.

Additionally, while it does suppress serum testosterone, LH (the luteinising hormone) and SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) slightly, it isn’t as aggressive as many of its rivals. On the contrary, there are hormones it seems to facilitate, such as GH (the growth hormone), IGF1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). What’s more, LH levels will bounce back as soon as you  stop using it. If the endocrine system is in over-all good condition at the time the treatment starts, minimal damage should occur and most hormonal levels should be within normal ranges.

Dosage and recommendations

As expected of a steroid on the lighter side of the scale, high amounts of Anavar are in order. Though its AR-binding properties are reasonably good, high doses work best and are advisable if you’re looking for visible results.

Muscle wasting, such as in the case of AIDS, and rehabilitation for burn victims require up to 80mgs per day. Male bodybuilders and athletes should be satisfied with 20mgs per day, and women could do very well with up to 10mgs. As this steroid is only mildly androgenic, virilation should not pose any threat. Water retention, as well, should be of no concern to the regular, moderate user.

For use in mid-cycle bridges, very low doses are necessary. Less than 10mgs should be more than sufficient. When it comes to strength cycles or cutting, much larger doses are the norm, usually between 50mgs and 100mgs.

However, doses are dependent on various factors, including the general health of the user and any ailments he/she may be experiencing, temporary or not. Administration should be recommended by a qualified physician and the above-mentioned doses should serve only as general guidelines.


Anavar is administered orally, but as it has been developed with alpha-alkylating agents, it can survive oral ingestion and first-pass, but it does not damage the digestive tract or the liver. It has been chemically configured to withstand liver metabolism and to resist substantial anabolic activity. As opposed to other alpha-alkylated steroids, Anavar exhibits reduced hepatotoxic effects. Jaundice, peliosis hepatis, neoplasms, hyperplasias and cholestatic hepatitis are less likely to occur with Oxandrolone. Recent studies suggest that it is highly effective in healing cutaneous wounds. It has also been shown to improve respiratory function. Therefore, Anavar is seen as a solution for boxers and athletes who practice contact sports.

Fat Loss

Numerous study results attest to Anavar’s qualities as a fat loss solution, which is why the over-all effects of this fat busting, lipid burning, figure sculpting steroid are excellent!

Studies have shown that it reduces visceral fat in subjects with normal testosterone levels, that appendicular, trunk and total fat diminish with small doses of the steroid, even without exercise, and that the weight gained has the tendency to last the better part of a year, after cessation. Additionally, it has been proven to maintain trunk, extremity and total fat levels after cessation, for weeks on end. Therefore, the over-all effect is to sustain well-nigh permanent weight gain if you’re looking to regain, while sustaining prolonged fat loss, if your diet allows for it.


Anavar does not require Post Cycle Therapy, training or special diets. If your ‘time off’ steroids is typically the same as the ‘time on’, using Anavar for a certain number of weeks each cycle, with equal intervals of cessation will usually mean that whatever fat you’ve lost in your ‘time on’ will be carries on to the next interval. Professional athletes who take seasonal drug tests will find this steroid extremely effective in keeping the weight down, while also complying with international sport rules. Weight-class athletes, wrestlers and combat sportsmen fall into this category. Lady fitness enthusiasts find the steroid particularly useful for Spring Cutting Cycles. It can be used throughout spring and its fat burning effects will still be visible through the entire summer season, when looking one’s best at the beach is an absolute necessity.


The reliability, effectiveness and mildness of this steroid come at a price. It is somewhere on the higher end of the scale, which is why many modified versions of this drug are available on the black market. When purchasing Anavar online, steer clear of cheap knock-offs synthesised by underground laboratories. Some of these drugs can come in liquid form, as a capsule, or even as a tablet, and there are even veterinary equivalents of the steroid for sale, so take extra precautions when ordering your Oxandrolone.

Legitimate versions of the steroid are currently produced by: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, MegaGear, ROHM, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Searle and SPA I, although counterfeit versions of their products are available online. The steroid goes under different names depending on country, but it’s not hard to find versions such as Anatrophill, Lipidex, Lonavar and Vasorome.

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