Testosterone Enanthate packs a powerful punch but be sure to use PCT

Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone enanthate, sometimes known as ‘Testoviron’, is an injectable, oil-based anabolic steroid. A long-lasting form of the testosterone hormone, which in this case is attached to the enanthate ester, it is characterised by its slow-release into the bloodstream. Aside from in the United States, where testosterone cypionate is usually preferred, testosterone enanthate is the most widely-prescribed form of testosterone. It is also incredibly popular on the black market and can be found in generic form, or under a number of brand names.

Its used for other things as well as body building

In terms of medical usage, testosterone enanthate is prescribed by doctors to treat a number of conditions, including hypogonadism and other health problems brought on by an androgen deficiency. Moreover, it is sometimes used by athletes as a performance enhancing drug and by weight lifters and bodybuilders as a training supplement.


Testosterone is the male sex hormone and testosterone enanthate works by either supplementing or replacing the naturally produced testosterone within the body. Following use, serum concentrations of testosterone rise for several days and remain at elevated levels for as much as three weeks.

As a basic rule, the effects of testosterone enanthate use are dependent on the dose, with higher dosages providing better and more noticeable results. However, while higher doses will usually increase the benefits, they will also increase the likelihood of side effects and the significance of those side effects, meaning that a suitable balance is needed.

Associated Benefitsof Test E

The increased levels of testosterone within the body brought about by injecting testosterone enanthate can lead to a number of benefits, including:

  • Accelerated muscle growth
  • Faster muscle repair
  • Increased strength
  • Improvements in the appearance of muscles
  • Decreased levels of body fat
  • Increased energy levels
  • Heightened immunity to some illnesses

As a result, it is ideal for bodybuilders or weight lifters who are trying to bulk up or achieve more aesthetically pleasing results. Furthermore, it can have a positive impact on the performance of athletes in numerous disciplines, helping them to improve performance, speed up recovery time and reduce injuries.

Test E dosage

A weekly dosage of between 250mg and 750mg is sufficient to make significant gains in terms of both strength and muscle mass. Generally, 750mg is seen as the upper limit, above which oestrogenic side effects will become a more significant factor and the risks associated with use begin to outweigh the reward. However, amongst more advanced athletes and bodybuilders, totals of 1,000mg a week are not uncommon.

In most instances, dosage takes place either once a week or twice a week, with each of the two doses containing half of the desired weekly total. This is less frequent than some other steroids and the low frequency is recommended in order to keep blood levels stable, as enanthate has a reasonably long half-life. The drug is administered via an injection into the buttock muscle.

Side Effects

Testosterone enanthate use can lead to a number of side effects, which mostly stem from the process of testosterone converting into dihydrotestosterone and oestrogen. The most commonly reported side effect is water retention, which can have a detrimental effect on muscle definition. Bodybuilders and other users are often able to successfully combat this particular side effect with the use of an anti-oestrogen supplement.

The other widely-reported side effects are strongly linked to raised levels of testosterone in general, including hair loss, increased blood pressure, acne, heightened aggression and gynecomastia (the growth of breast tissue in men). Extremely high doses can cause issues in terms of liver toxicity, while long term use can eventually lead to the cessation of the body’s natural production of testosterone and a decrease in sperm production.

Risk Factors

Testosterone enanthate carries a number of risk factors and use of this drug should not be considered if:

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • You have either breast or prostate cancer
  • You have ever experienced serious heart, kidney or liver problems
  • You are sensitive to estrogen

Patients using the drug over a long period of time should not suddenly withdraw, as this can cause a number of additional side effects. In the event that a patient experiences depression, anxiety or other sudden changes in mood, they should immediately see a doctor.

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