Testosterone Cypionate a rarely used steroid because there is usually something that does the job better

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a synthetic form of testosterone, the male sex hormone that is produced naturally within the reproductive organs. Natural testosterone is the trigger for several mental and physical characteristics in men, and it sustains performance, sex drive, lean muscle mass distribution, fat loss, bone density and heart stamina. The synthetically generated Testosterone Cypionate simulates the functions of the naturally produced hormone, producing identical effects on the human body.


Cypionax, as it is otherwise known, is the standard by which all other male steroids are assessed, and is widely considered the forefather of all contemporary testosterone-based anabolic steroids. This androgenic hormone promotes retention of nitrogen in muscles, which leads to increased levels of protein storage. As an added bonus, it also increases the levels of IGF-1 in the muscular fibre, which further intensifies anabolic activity.

Testosterone Cypionate is not recommended as a performance enhancer for women.

Test Cyp Effects

Not only does Cypionax promote muscle mass, but it also helps repair and regenerate damaged muscle tissue due to the fact that it supports satellite cell activity.

Additionally, as the hormone binds to androgen receptors in muscle cells, it induces muscle gain and fat loss through mechanisms in the body that depend on androgen. Consistent levels of testosterone prevent the body from enlarging and regenerating fat cells, keeping body mass low.

Test Cyp increases nutrient uptake

Nutrient distribution throughout the body is also improved, as testosterone regulates the amount of nourishment the muscle tissue needs, therefore depriving fat cells of substances that they would otherwise store in the body.

The natural process of muscle wasting due to catabolic gluco-corticoid hormones can also be restrained using Testosterone Cypionate. Another rejuvenating property of Cypionax is its effect on red blood cell production. Test Cyp boosts endurance and energy. Having a higher RBC count helps the body recover from intense physical effort. Athletes also experience increased strength due to higher levels of motor neutrons in the muscle fibre, as well as more efficient neuro-muscular transmission.

Having more neutrons improves the muscles’ ability to contract, while having accelerated neuro-muscular signal transmission improves the speed and rate of contractions, allowing the body to react quickly and efficiently even when subjected to strenuous activities.


The anabolic and androgenic effects of Testosterone are dose dependent, and muscle building will therefore rely significantly on taking the optimum dose.

Testosterone was first produced in 1935 and has since been synthesised by pharmaceutical companies and distributed in injectable dosage form. It has been used mainly to treat symptoms of¬†testosterone deficiency, such as loss in muscle mass, fat redistribution, irritability, declining energy levels, poor concentration, diminishing libido and poor sexual performance, etc. Most symptoms can be alleviated with a weekly dose of 100mg to 200mg of testosterone, but the dosage is strictly dependent on the doctor’s recommendations.

Bodybuilders who wish to counteract the effects of declining testosterone levels due to using other steroids may feel the need to increase the dose to up to 200mg per week. Professional athletes administer up to 600 mg per week for increased performance, though doing so can also increase associated risks.

Steroid users find this anabolic hormone to be effective and well-tolerated, and expect to see its best results within three to four months. Discontinuing the intake of Testosterone Cypionate for ten weeks or more requires post-cycle therapy.


Genetic predispositions, state of health, lifestyle and dosing will influence the outcome of Testosterone Cypionate cycles.

As with most testosterone compounds, Cypionax produces what is known as ‘aromatase’ activity, converting testosterone into oestrogen. Excessive retention of water and even gynecomastia (breast enlargement) can occur. Blood pressure may be affected due to the imbalance in water retention and blood circulation.

Testoseterone  Cypionate side effects can be a problem

Conditions which are familiar to bodybuilders, dehydrotestosterone-related side effects may occur. These include hair loss, prostate enlargement and acne.

To counteract the side-effects mentioned above, there are various forms of inhibitors which are widely available and highly efficient, yet they may, in turn, cause additional undesirable side-effects.

When it comes to steroids, in general, readers are advised to research the subject thoroughly before making a purchase, online or otherwise. The bits of information provided above are by no means exhaustive and unforeseeable reactions to the steroid may occur regardless of the user’s experience or the vendor’s trustworthiness. Testosterone Cypionate is an anabolic steroid which is extensively counterfeited and under-dosed, and caution is recommended when sourcing and administering the solution.


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