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Jintropin 100iu $280


Russian Jintropin by Gensci $280 water included

100% Genuine from  GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (GenSci) China and sourced form the official Russian wholesaler Russia and the CIS Europharm (UK) Co. Ltd
 You can check the serial/security number and visit the official website to verify your product. Shipped from the USA
All packs are air tight sealed and have long expiry dates .

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Jintropin 100iu with water. This is the Russian Jintropin that is made under licence from Gensci in Russia. It is not some pale imitation of the Chinese product but is actual identical. In fact if anything Russian Jintropin has a better reputation than the Chinese made product.


Shipping is $25 for this product. We can ship domestically from the USA. Shipping times are 2-4 days for the USA and 4-7 days for the rest of the world. We provide full tracking and delivery is guaranteed or refund. Item does not have to pass US customs.


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