Buy Humatrope for a high quality pharmaceutical grade Somatropin HGH


In the world of body building and anti-ageing there are a number of popular HGH products on the market. Some are great quality products from underground labs such as Hypertropin. Others are pharma grade products from the major pharmaceutical companies and Humatrope is such a product

Humatrope comes from Eli Lilly and its manufactured according to very strict protocols. This produces a human growth hormone which is as pure and potent as its possible to get. It is essentially the same HGH which we produce naturally in our bodies. We may wish to take additional HGH for a number of reasons. The most common ones are building muscle and looking and feeling younger.

Humatrope comes in a number of sizes

The most common size of Humatrope is the 12mg pen which equates to 36iu. The second most common size is the 24mg kit which equates to 72iu. Both these packs contain a separate mixing device which must be used to mix or prime the HGH cartridge. This is then ready to be used.

A bit about the Humatrope injection pen (Humatropen)

Humatrope comes with a specific injection pen, or injection device called a Humatropen. Do not confuse this with the mixing device which comes with all boxes of humatrope. The mixing device is just that, some for mixing the cartridge which is then inserted into the humatropen for injection.

Humatropen (for some bizarre reason) are more difficult to get hold of than the actual humatrope HGH product. Because of this most body builders will often use a syringe to draw out the humatrope HGH from the mixed cartridge and inject it that way.

There are no real problems doing this. The cartridge has a rubber stopper which can be pierced by the needle on a syringe quite hygienically and this is the way most people use humatrope for non-medical purposes, such as body building.

Below left the Humatrope pen and right the humatrope mixing device and cartridge


Humatrope is among the preeminent HGH  products for building muscle

The two major non medical uses for HGH and therefore humatrope is as an anti-ageing agent and a muscle builder. Gaining substantial amounts of quality muscle is what humatrope or and premier HGH product is renowned for.

How much muscle?

Its not uncommon to put on over 30lbs of muscle in a three month period. This is on par with a good anabolic steroid stack but the muscle gained from HGH does not compare to that gained from steroid use.

Steroids increase the muscle cell size (increasing the amount of muscle fibres in a cell) whilst HGH will do the same thing but increase the amount of muscle cells. You will also not get the side effects associated with steroid use.

So when you stop using HGH the muscle lasts longer. This is because its been scientifically proven muscle cells will deplete (through non exercise) faster than muscle fibres in a cell.

HGH muscle lasts longer than steroids

Muscle attained from using HGH will last Unlike muscle gained from steroid use

Humatrope HGH produces quality long lasting muscle


Humatrope is very expensive isn’t it?

That certainly used to be the case. Humatrope along with, Genotropin, Norditropin, Merck and a few other premier brands of HGH used to be very expensive. This was in part due to the pharmaceutical companies keeping the price artificially high. Nowadays you can find Humatrope and other branded HGH products for sale  cheaper in other countries, especially Turkey where it has been repackaged for the domestic market.